Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mapping my Walks and Runs

Well, this day did not go as planned.  Does anyone else have days that just start off wrong and never get better?

I woke up about 10 minutes late and only got in a 2.73 mile walk this morning. My morning walks are dictated by time and not distance - I've need to be back home in time to get the kids ready to go.

My work day was fairly busy and I had to run an errand on my lunch break.  By this evening, I was still a little over 1000 steps from my step goal so I had to go hit the pavement to finish up.

I hit my 11,111 step goal after about a half mile, but it felt so good to get out where it was warm and stretch my legs that I just kept going.  I ended up going a total of 2.44 miles.

I use the MapMyRun iPhone app to track my walks or runs.  There is also a MapMyWalk app, but both apps work the same and the data from one is available in the other. I could use either or both, but I just chose MapMyRun app.  It tracks miles, duration, pace and estimated steps.  Looking at my stats and seeing how I'm improving motivates me to keep moving and keep improving.

It's a vicious cycle, but somebody's gotta do it.

Do you use MapMyRun or any other walk/run statistic apps?

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