Monday, July 11, 2016

Well, Hello There ...

Hi there!  Please allow me to introduce myself - I'm Jennifer.   I'm just a tech-savvy girl who is trying to get healthy.  So far, I've lost 110 pounds and I'm working on losing 20 more to get to my healthy weight.  I'll share more about my weight loss journey and the tools I use soon.  But for now, I want to start off with my daily health and fitness routine.

I'm a big believer in doing what works best for you. Your health is yours alone.  Nobody can make you get healthy.  Nobody can do it for you.

What works best for me at this stage of my life is getting up early and working out before I start my day.  I get out of bed a few minutes before 6am, change into my workout clothes and out the door I go for a 3 mile walk/run around the neighborhood.  I knowwwwww that's early!  But it's the coolest part of the day.  I don't want to wait to get out until it's super hot and the sun is beating down on me.

Here are three simple tips that I use to help ensure that I get up and get moving:

  1. Lay out workout clothes the night before.  This includes socks, shoes, headphones, etc.  I change clothes in the bathroom so I keep everything I need in the bathroom
  2. Keep those headphones charged up.  See #1 - I charge mine in the bathroom at night.
  3. Put a ball cap over that bedhead.  I struggled with this at first. I have short hair and my hair still sticks out of the ball cap like a crazy person.  But what's more important?  Sexy hair or a healthy body?  Okay, don't answer that!
I'm a big FitBit user and I've made my step goal a non-negotiable part of my day.  A 3-mile morning walk goes a long way toward meeting my 10,000 daily step goal.  If I don't get that walk in, I will have a hard time meeting my goal unless I get out and take a walk in the heat of the day or in the evening.  And who wants to do that?  Wouldn't you rather lay on the couch and watch some reality TV?  Or is that just me?

Any other FitBit users out there?  What's your step goal?

What does your current fitness routine look like?

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